Reveal the True Condition of Your Roof

Schedule professional roof inspection services in Corinth & Flower Mound, TX

Getting roof inspection services is key to keeping your system in excellent condition. Allow DKG Roofing Contractors LLC to assess your roof from top to bottom. If we encounter any issues, we'll provide documentation in the form of photos and videos.

Did we install your roof? If so, take advantage of our free roof inspection services. Call now to schedule your appointment. We work in Corinth, TX and the surrounding area.

When should you get a roof inspection?

You should know what condition your roof is in. We suggest getting a comprehensive roof inspection:

  • After a severe thunderstorm
  • Before and after seasonal changes
  • Before buying or selling a home

You can count on our roof inspector to deliver a detailed and thorough assessment.

If you're in Corinth, TX, call now to schedule an appointment with our roof inspector.